The Linda L. Lester Scholarship Fund is a program of the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau, in cooperation with American AgCredit. $22,000 worth of scholarships will be awarded to 2024 recipients. The scholarships are for local high school seniors and college students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better and plan to major in agriculture, such as agricultural business, forestry, viticulture, animal science, crop science, environmental science, agricultural engineering, agricultural education, agricultural communications, food science, and others. Recipients of the scholarship will receive annual payments determined by their length of time remaining in college, up to four years. In order to receive annual payments, recipients must provide transcripts from the previous school year and enrollment verification for the upcoming school year. A GPA of 2.5 must be maintained throughout payment schedule.

Awards are based on scholastic achievement, career goals, leadership skills, community involvement, and accomplishments. Applications must be typed and forms are available electronically by contacting the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau office. This form may be scanned or copied. Applications must be complete and include the following:

A. Scholarship Application
B. Sealed Official Transcripts
C. Personal Statement
D. Two Letters of Recommendation
E. High Resolution Photo

To be considered for a scholarship, applications must be submitted in a timely manner and applicants must participate in an interview with the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau scholarship committee. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email and monetary awards will be mailed directly to the recipient’s college or university once school begins. Scholarship recipients will be asked to provide additional information for payment processing and are also requested to provide a senior class photo for use in future scholarship program promotion.

The best way to apply is through our Online 2024 Linda L. Lester Scholarship Application

You can also apply by downloading the printable Application Linda L. Lester Scholarship Application 2024

The Farm Bureau must receive your completed online application (available in January 2021) or your printed application via U.S. Mail* to 605 Tennant Ave., Suite H, Morgan Hill CA 95037 by FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2024. 
*Please note: The office is not always staffed. It is best to mail your application packet.

If you have any questions call Jess Brown at (831) 818-1193 or E-mail to:

Focus Agriculture – Santa Clara County

Focus Agriculture is Agri-Culture’s “first-in-the-nation” educational program. It is an opportunity for community leaders to participate in a nine-session intensive program acquiring knowledge about a broad spectrum of agriculture. The program has won a national award. Several communities throughout the United States have duplicated this program. The once-a-month day-long seminars, including farm tours and hands-on experience.

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Country Crossroads

Country Crossroads

Free Map Listing Direct Sell Farms Annual Edition

The annual edition of the Country Crossroads Map, the FREE publication that lists farms in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Benito County that sell directly to the public, is now available. The guide shows the public where to find juicy strawberries, tangy cherries, and sweet corn.

The Country Crossroads farm trails map has a new map-based website for use with your smart phone, tablet, or computer. The site allows you to search local farms by commodity, location, and keyword so you can visit a local farm. On the website you can find the location and description of direct sell farms and the area’s farmers’ markets in Silicon Valley and the Central Coast area.

The FREE publication is produced annually by the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau. Nita Gizdich, County Crossroads President stated, “The public has a unique opportunity to purchase over 100 different commodities directly from all of our direct-sell farms.  It makes for a very enjoyable family outing.”

The map can be obtained by sending a business size (#10) self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau, 605 Tennant Ave. Suite H, Morgan Hill, CA 95037. You may pick one up at the above location between 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Just ask for a Country Crossroads map.

If you are a local farm interested in advertising on the map, contact Jess Brown at (408) 776-1684 for more information.

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Current Issues

Williamson Act
Farm Bureau staff represents members at all levels of government. The American Farm Bureau Federation covers national issues, the California Farm Bureau Federation keeps an eye on state laws, and locally Farm Bureau staff represents the needs of farmers and ranchers in regional and local issues.

If you have questions on political matters, contact Farm Bureau staff at (408) 776-1684 or

Please click on a link below to learn more about other issues:

Williamson Act Rural Crime

Ag Water Quality Program

water quality santa clara agriculture
The SCCFB’s Ag Water Quality Program exists to help farmers and ranchers protect the environment and water quality. The program includes education, workshops, and professional assistance in writing the new Farm Water Quality Plans required by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

To date, more than 150 farmers have taken classes through the Farm Bureau’s program. They have also written Farm Plans covering more than 33,000 acres in the Santa Clara Valley.

The Ag Water Quality Program recently received the highest environmental award in the state, the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award.

Services offered

  • Up-to-date information on current and proposed water quality regulations affecting our county
  • Assistance completing regulatory forms (NOIs, etc) and/or answering questions from the Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Assistance completing farm/ranch water quality plans
  • Assistance finding funding for implementing management/ conservation practices that protect water quality (e.g., buffer strips, solar pumps to facilitate off-stream watering, erosion control projects, hedgerows, etc.)
  • Assistance to sign up for free on-farm nutrient and irrigation efficiency evaluations
  • Periodic updates on monitoring results in your area
  • Watershed working group meetings to identify and implement projects that would improve water quality in your area
  • Information on upcoming water quality/monitoring workshops and continuing education opportunities

For more information, contact us at (408) 776-1684